Volvos lineup announced

Volvo’s 2008 Lineup Announced

For every year model, it is expected of car manufacturers to improve their lineup. These improvements can either be slight changes or totally redesigning a particular auto model. Volvo, the Swedish brand currently owned by the Ford Motor Company under its Premiere Automotive Group (PAG), has announced its lineup for the 2008 model year. The production of their 2008 model year vehicles started May 14. These vehicles will be available to consumers by the month of July.

For their 2008 model year vehicles, Volvo made the auxiliary input for MP3 players as a standard feature. The company is the first to offer that for their range of cars mass produced for the global market. Some of the vehicles on Volvo’s lineup for the 2008 model year have been redesigned totally while keeping the prices lower to make them available to more car buyers. The company known for safe cars is also fast becoming known for their concern for the environment with a lineup which includes flex-fuel vehicles.

For the 2008 model year, Volvo will introduce the new generation of the S40 sedan and its wagon counterpart, the V50. Both the sedan and the wagon have undergone a redesign which brought them closer to the bigger S80 and V70. Both the interior and exterior of the Volvo V50 and the S40 have been improved to make them more appealing to car buyers. Safety features are, of course, a given for these auto models.

Another redesigned model will also be introduced by Volvo for the 2008 model year comes in the form of the S60. The sedan is equipped with a long list of safety features and a host of consumer comfort and convenience features such as the six speakers that come with the Performance audio system and an in-dash CD player. Aesthetically, the vehicle looks good with its 16-inch alloy wheels and leather steering wheel.

For the Volvo S80 sedan, the changes made are minor compared to the S40 and the V50. Some of the new features that the S80 have are the availability of a new exterior color scheme and two new alloy wheel options. On the inside, a new wood trim will be available to heighten the “Scandinavian luxury” theme that Volvo has made popular. In terms of its powerplant, the diesel engine option for the S80 will be available with an all-wheel drive configuration for the 2008 model year.

The diesel engines have been improved by Volvo giving the engines a quieter operation. This was made possible by the use of new injectors, a revised oil sump, and changes to the engine mounts. For the gasoline engines, the lineup used in the 2007 model year will be available for the 2008 model year. The engines are equipped with Volvo oxygen sensors for better fuel economy.

The S80’s wagon version, the Volvo V70, will be offered in three trim levels. These are the S, SE, and the Special Edition trim package. Engine options include the 2.4-liter gasoline, the 2.4-lite and the 2.5-liter diesel engines. The 2.5-liter diesel is turbocharged to provide more power. Both manual and Geartronic transmissions are available to be paired with these engines.

The best-selling Volvo, the XC90, was revised and it will be available for the 2008 model year with major exterior and interior upgrades. For the exterior of the mid-size luxury crossover sport luxury vehicle, three new colors are added to the existing options. An XC90 is incidentally up for grabs as Volvo once again partnered in the promotion of the newest Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean film.

The newest addition to Volvo’s lineup is the compact C30. The model shows that the Swedish company is departing from it reputation as a producer of boxy cars. For the 2008 model year, the C30 will be available with flex-fuel engine which means it can run on pure gasoline or a combination of gasoline and bio-ethanol. The addition of the flex-fuel engine is not the only revision to the engine lineup for the C30. The turbocharged engine was upgraded to provide more power.

For its exterior, the C30 will be available with three new colors. Safety features are added to the already long list of safety features for the C30. The 2008 Volvo C30 will be equipped with a system that will flash the hazard lights if any airbag is activated. The Emergency Brake Light is also added to the features of the C30. This features flashes all the car’s brake lights at a very fast rate when the driver performs an emergency braking action. These additions made the C30 even safer than its predecessor.

The Volvo C70 convertible underwent some interior upgrades for the 2007 model year. The floating stack that Volvo popularized was revised to make it more convenient to use. A more compact handbrake design is also part of the upgrades to the coupe/convertible. The T5 engine for the C70 also underwent revisions to increase its power output.

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Volvos flagship loaded with safety features

Volvo’s Flagship Loaded With Safety Features

For the 2008 model year model, the Swedish car manufacturer Volvo introduces its flagship with a host of safety features that can be expected to come from Volvo. The company has been known for developing safety technologies for automotive application since it was founded and it is no surprise that its flagship should have a long list of safety features that makes it seem that the Volvo S80 would never be involved in an accident.

The flagship though was not only upgraded in terms of the number of safety features it has. Its exterior and interior have also been modified to suit the “Scandinavian luxury” that Volvo is promoting.

“The new S80 is all about evolutionary design – all the shapes and materials represent a continuous development of our design language,” says Steve Mattin, Volvo Cars’ design director. “On the outside we have given the S80 a more youthful, dynamic stance. Inside we have created an even more inviting atmosphere with refined materials that blend smoothly with smart, user-friendly technology.”

With the new Volvo S80 comes the standard Dynamic Stability and Traction Control system. This feature allows the driver to have total control of the car. The system senses if a vehicle is loosing traction. After determining which wheel is loosing traction, the system will then cut power from that particular wheel until traction is recovered.

Due to its sensing ability of the car wheel’s traction, it can also determine if the car is skidding. In such incidents, the system will automatically increase the flow of power to a particular wheel to bring the car into a safe driving condition.

The S80 also comes with Active Bi-Xenon lights. The headlights are not stationary but can move according to the demand of the road. Much just like how a Volvo window motor can be dynamic, so are the headlights of the new S80. According to Volvo, the headlights turn with the steering wheel to provide lighting while turning corners. The headlights can turn 15 degrees in both directions. The system is deactivated during the day automatically to reduce the wear on the mechanism of the headlights.

Another safety feature that comes with the Volvo S80 is the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC). This system uses radar to maintain a specified distance between the S80 and the car in front of it. If the traffic in front of the S80 slows down, the system will warn the driver and at the same time prime the brake for immediate deployment. If no action is taken by the driver, the system will automatically hit the brakes if the distance between the S80 and the car in front of it means that collision is unavoidable.

The S80 is also equipped with SIPS or Side Impact Protection System. This system ensures that the occupants of the S80 will be protected in the unfortunate event of a side collision. The construction of the S80 ensures that the impact of a car hitting the side of the S80 will be dispersed equally along the length of the side of the S80. This reduces the amount of energy generated by the impact that will reach the occupants of the S80.

The combination of these safety features gave the S80 a “good” rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

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Volvos car child care

Volvo’s Car Child Care

The Swedish car manufacturer Volvo has always been known for prioritizing the safety of their consumers. As stated by the founders of the company, Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larson, “Cars are driven by people. The guiding principle behind everything we make at Volvo therefore, is – and must remain – safety.”

The company has been researching and developing safety features for their vehicles for forty years now. During that span of time, Volvo has come up with breakthrough systems which increase the protection that their vehicles offer to their consumers.

According to the company, taking care of children inside cars is of utmost concern for them. Small children need special restraints which are specifically designed for their asize. According to the company, the needs of babies in terms of car safety are very different from that of grownups.

A grownup’s head accounts for about six percent of the total eight of the person. In comparison, babies’ head comprises about one half of their total weight. This hefty head is the weakest point of a baby. That is why it is of utmost importance that a baby should be harnessed to a child seat which adequately protects its head and other developing body parts.

Another concern is the developing pelvis of a child. This portion of the body cannot adequately anchor a seat belt in its proper position as easily as a grownup’s hips can. To ensure that the child will be safe in the unfortunate case of crash, booster seats should be provided for them. Booster seats are designed to fit a child’s body snugly. It also has specialized belt geometry which does not rely on the child’s hips to support it.

Not only babies should be protected carefully, unborn ones should be taken cared of too while a pregnant woman is in a vehicle. To develop safety features for pregnant women, Volvo uses pregnant crash dummies to study the effects of a crash in a pregnant woman. To date, only Volvo has engineered a pregnant crash test dummy in the industry.

The pregnant crash dummy is named Linda by Volvo. Linda is used to determine how a pregnant mother and the child inside the womb would react to various collisions. Aside from the physical attributes of a pregnant woman, Linda is also loaded with information about the uterus, placenta, amniotic fluid and the fetus. This helps safety engineers to study how a child inside a womb reacts to violent motions as a result of car crashes. The virtual pregnant Linda can be positioned in any way inside a car and the speed at which a car crashes can also be set by researchers.

With Linda, Volvo found out that pregnant women and their unborn child can e protected well by a front airbag. Volvo also found out that using a seat belt does no harm to an unborn baby. The company encourages pregnant women to always wear seatbelts to adequately protect their unborn babies.

With the advancements made by Volvo, they have become a leader in car safety. Their Volvo thermostat-equipped vehicles are known to be some of the safest in the world. With their accomplishments, Volvo is keen to develop more safety features to reduce fatalities caused by traffic accidents.

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T turbo with awd volvo ss new driveline

T6 Turbo With Awd: Volvo S80s New Driveline

The captivating S80 midsize luxury executive from Volvo has yet another thrilling addition to thrill aficionados. This time around, the Swedish automaker is offering the T6 Turbo with All Wheel Drive (AWD) as its new driveline. The performance engine is capable of producing 285 base horsepower.

“The T6 engine adds an extra dimension to the S80 engine range,” said Hans Wikman, the Vice President for Vehicle Line Large Cars at Volvo Cars. “The engine has been programmed to provide the highest possible performance with the lowest possible fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.”

The new driveline is based on the compact 3.2-liter in-line aluminum engine mated to the Volvo ignition coil. The engine form part of the S80 engine range since its launch last year. The turbo version has a displacement of 3.0 liters and is very much capable of generating 285 base horsepower and no less than 295 pound-feet of torque. The maximum torque is on tap from just 1,500 rpm and remains available all the way up the rev range. As such, the luxury car could offer an outstanding and quick acceleration as well as smooth drivability.

The smaller cylinder displacement of the turbo version is compensated by the turbocharger. The system takes in exhaust gases in two stages. First, the inflow separated into two lots of three cylinders each. This system is called the twin-scroll technology, which allows use of a more compact and straightforward turbocharger. Then, the system delivers a superb and fast swift response, fully on a par with that from twin turbochargers.

The T6 model in the Volvo S80 is equipped with Volvo’s AWD to provide instant traction. The AWD system distributes drive between the front and rear wheels through an electronically controlled hydraulic clutch. This is done to ensure the best possible road grip in all situations. The system features Instant Traction, which shifts drive at lightning speed from the front to the rear wheels when starting on a loose or slippery surface.

The T6 performance engine with the All Wheel Drive featured in the Volvo S80 was first introduced in the V70 in March 2007. Another new power train combination featured in the S80 is the 185 D5 turbo diesel with AWD. The five-cylinder D5 turbo diesel could also be combined with All Wheel Drive in the S80. The powerful D5 is capable of producing 185 horsepower and no less than 400 Nm of torque. The performance could be had across a particularly wide rev range.

The new D5 engine flaunts an electronically controlled turbocharger, sophisticated multi-point injection technology and a domineering engine management system to pave way for a striking auto performance. The driving experience of the S80 offers far high performance. Additionally, the driveability and traction are further enhanced by Volvo’s engineers through the integration of the All Wheel Drive system with Instant Traction. A service-free particle filter is made a standard feature. This makes the D5 a highly eco-efficient alternative.

Separately, the automaker has signed a deal with the Microsoft Corp. to support two new Web-only video series from Reveille, the production company responsible for “The Office” and “Ugly Betty” TV shows. The deal also was supported by Chivas Brothers Ltd., a renowned whisky maker.

“Driving School” is a comedy about a driving instructor who imparts life lessons to his students. “This is the Life,” on the other hand, is a travel and adventure show linked to a Chivas Regal advertising campaign. The television shows will arrive on Microsoft’s MSN website in the next six months, Microsoft announced Tuesday at an advertising industry conference.

While it is enticing to tag the shows advertorials and leave it at that, Ben Silverman, Reveille’s chief executive, said that he has tried to find more elegant ways to incorporate products and entertainment. “I don’t want to be in something where you’re ruining that content by stupid, clunky choices,” said Silverman.

Microsoft declined to give details about financial and product-placement arrangements with and Chivas Regal and Volvo. But the deal is certainly aimed at improving the standing of the involved companies in their endeavor to boost sales and business goodwill.


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